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Wheel Alignment Machines

Wheel Alignment Machines (Zigbee)

Features (Model No. UAE-1993)

Zigbee communication Sensors have anti-jamming function that guarantees the stable running of the system under complex working conditions. Measurement accuracy up to 0.010. Infrared 8-beam CCD (8 x 4) is a full loop measurement system. Lift adjustment function. Independent front wheel alignment function. 3D animation demo system makes operations easy to learn. Voice navigation for understand the program of the machine.

Digital Wheel

Wheel Alignment Machines (Zigbee) Golden Eye Technology (Video Radar System)

Features (Model No. UAE-1994)

Inner digital chip on the Intelligent sensors, The 3 inch lcd screen can display the real-Time value of the Four wheels toe and camber angle without computer Intelligent power management system. The intelligent power module on the sensor can Digital display the battery capability, Switch to power saving dormancy status automatically when it is stand- By, Cut the power automatically when charging finish to avoid overcharging. Video radar assist car enter system. The 1800 Wild- Angle camera and 32 inch led can help the driver to drive the car into the right measurement position.

Golden Eye Technology (Video Radar System)

3D Wheel Alignment

Features (Model No. UAE-1995)

Golden Eyes : Superior lens can adapt to strict outside environment and filtrate the stray light with wider angle to capture and read the target diskcs appropriately. This will increase the accuracy of 3D wheel alignment. High-resolution Camera : With two imported high-resolution cameras and the fast and stable central computer system, transmission of the picture can reach 15 frames per second to make the measuring result be displayed continually. Target Disk : Target disks used in 3D wheel alignment are made of special materials which will not be broken even after falling from 10 meters height. The reflection materials with superior engineering film can last longer working life. DOUBLE-DISPLAYING SYSTEM & OUTSTANDING FUNCTIONS Intelligent LED Guide : With special design, flashing LED lamps offer dynamic feedback during measuring and monitor the measurement processes effectively. 3D-tech Compensation : Only one moving forward and backward can finish comprehensive compensation for errors caused by deformed rims or installation.


3D Wheel Alignment