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Injector Cleaning and Testing Machines

Automatic Injector Machine

Features (Model No. UAE-2006)

  • Equipped with END. display & fully programmable operation.
  • Universal single adaptor.
  • Leak test.
  • Solenoid cleaning.
  • Shower cleaning.
  • Electronic tank level indicator with buzzer sound.

Automatic Injector Machine

No External air compressor required (Computerised Injector Machine)

Features (Model No. UAE-2005)

Fully programmable operations. Universal manifold design for all type of mpfi injectors. Pulse flow test, solenoid cleaning shower cleaning, leak test in automatic mode as well as manual mode. Programmable injector pulse mode : The operator can check the injector pulse, band width and frequency at will with in the rpm from 500 to 9900 rpm steps in ms, From 1.5 to 17 ms in 0.1 ms steps. Measurement test : Is for to see the spray pattern and measure the discharge of each injector before or after cleaning. Easy & quick installation of injector. Chemical in recycled for long time.

Special Features

  • Large L.C.D. display.
  • Universal adaptor for all types of injectors.
  • Micro switch are used for front panel.
  • Electronic tank level indicator with buzzer sound warning for empty tank.
  • No external air compressor required.
  • Totalizer : After cleaning the set of injector in automatic mode the counter will count from 001 to 999.

Computerised Injector Machine

Infrared Paint Heater

Features (Model No. UAE-2013)

  • Very short drying time--only 5-15 mins.
  • Ground ash heating time : 8 mins, Priming time
  • heating time :10 mins, Surface heating time :15 mins.
  • Used to dry spray paint on partial of car body.
  • Convenient time and cost saving
  • Good ability of heat elimination prolongs device working time.
  • Envirment protect and energy saving.

Technical Data
Power Supply 220V
Max. Power 3000W
Heating Distance 400mm
Heating Area 1000x1200mm
Temperature 60°C-70°C
Timer Yes

Infrared Paint Heater

Spark Cleaner & Tester

Features (Model No. UAE-2014)

  • Advanced circuitry to prevent thermal overload during heavy use.
  • The cleaner section uses a powerful blast of air and abrasive to throughly remove carbon deposits from plugs.
  • The recessed observation mirror is perfectly angled to display the electrodes of the spark plug so that you can clearly judge the quality of the spark as the plug is being tested.

Technical Data
Working Pressure 7-10 kgf/cm
Spark Plug Size 10,12,14,18 mm
Input Voltage 220 V
Dimensions 49*28*26 cm
Weight 10.2 kg

Spark Cleaner & Tester